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Danvers High School

February 10, 2024



Welcome to Danvers High School for the Northeast ICHSA Quarterfinal.  We are excited to have you for this great event!  Our Tri-M Music Honor Society and additional music department students are here helping out today.  Each competing group is assigned one or two members from Tri-M to help you navigate the school and make sure you are comfortable. Please feel free to contact them with questions you have about the school or anything else.    The hosts assignments are as follows: 


Falconize - n/a

Room A120 - Picture of Room

Tonas Chaos - Lilly Abell

Room A124 - Picture of Room

18 Wheelers - Jason Tucker

Room A123 - Picture of Room

Luminescence - Lindsey & Gavin Porter

Room A122 - Picture of Room

The Jewel Tones - Lindsey & Gavin Porter

Room A119 - Picture of Room

Clay Pit Crooners - Bella Drakos

Room A117 - Picture of Room

Rhythm on Rye - Katelyn Bushey

Room A121 - Picture of Room

Dachords - Kobi Dawe

Room A109 - Picture of Room

Dobbs 16 - Gabrielle Volpe

Room A107 - Picture of Room

Fermata Nowhere - Elena Langella

Room E110 (Band) - Picture of Room


Not Too Sharp from UNH is our deliberation/host group and two of its members are also our Masters of Ceremonies for the show (they will be coming around to ask about you for their introductions!). Kobi, from Tri-M, will find your group to ask about what lighting color you would like for the backdrop of your performance.  



Concessions are available in the lobby of the auditorium where you entered today.  Please only eat any meals in the cafeteria.  We also ask that you leave the classroom exactly as you found it today.  Your hosts from Tri-M will be checking the rooms at the end of the night. There is also a picture linked above of how your room looked when you arrived. Thank you in advance for your help!


On this page (below) you will find a list of food options in Danvers if you are interested in ordering out.  


If you have any additional questions or need anything else throughout the day, please feel free to contact me or a student representative.  


Best of luck tonight!


Alex Grover – 978-306-7754

Choral Director

Danvers High School

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