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Telephone: 978-777-8925 • Email:

Address: 60 Cabot Rd, Danvers, MA 01923

General Contact:

Danvers Performing Arts Collaborative:

DHS Band: Jeffrey Daniels,

DHS Chorus: Alex Grover,

DHS Theater: Michael Barry,

HRMS Band: Jason Saetta,

HRMS Chorus: Billy Carleton,

HRMS Theater: Jessica Linquata,

Elementary Instrumental Music: Laura Bailey,

Elementary Instrumental Music: Mandi Cirillo,

Great Oak General Music & Chorus: Sarah Doran,

Highlands General Music & Chorus: Griff Gall,

Riverside General Music & Chorus: Jenn Dennett,

Smith General Music & Chorus: Tony Vatousios,

Thorpe General Music & Chorus: Heloise Goncalves,

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