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The Parents for Music Excellence, Inc., is dedicated to support and promote the education and development of Music in the Danvers Public School system. Together with its members and other interested parties, public and private, community enrichment, fundraising, and educational programs, the organization will work to encourage all students and citizens to take an active role in Music Education. 


President - Jenne Flewelling

Vice President - Jen Bowler

Treasurer - Amy Damico

Student Account - Jessica Nolan

Recording Secretary - Barbara Moore

Corresponding Secretary - Amy Emery

Fundraising Coordinator - Ilorka Rodriguez

Membership Coordinator - Alicia Bushey

At-large - Tim Gray

At-large - Kathy Hnatowicz

At-large - Michelle Norbaka

Director - Jeff Daniels

Director - Alex Grover


We are a 501c3 organization.  All donations are tax deductible. Parents for Music Excellence, Inc.

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